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  • Career booster! It can help you efficiently improve your Chinese language and communication skills, better understand Chinese workplace culture, enhance friendship, increase cooperation opportunities, and promote your career development.

  • Efficiency booster! Helping your employees to learn Chinese is an effective way to improve their international competitiveness, to improve their communication with Chinese clients, to show their satisfaction and to attract talents. "CHIease" Study Card is a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of your company.

  • Learn Chinese as you go global and help your career with a boost!

Introduction of
"CHIease" APP is an online learning platform developed by 5idea Education that integrates scenes, immersion, and fun. With the "6+N" International Workplace Chinese textbooks developed by 5idea Education as the core, disassemble and analyze the knowledge points of the textbook to form a logical structure. This makes it easy for international professionals to learn Chinese, so that they can learn to go and communicate smoothly.
The Portable Chinese Teacher for
International Professionals
Advantages of
Consul-generals and heads of chambers of commerce in Guangzhou from more than 40 countries tried it out in person and were highly recognized.
  • General Chinese in International Workplaces

    The series courses of "General Chinese in International Workplaces" are synchronized with the textbook

  • Semantic Recognition Engine

    Self-developed semantic recognition engine can intelligently recognize students' pronunciation.

  • Immersive Teaching Mode

    An immersive teaching model that makes it fun to continue to learn.

  • Multi-dimensional Assessment

    Multi-dimensional assessment: Comprehensive assessment from listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, grammar, etc.

  • Automatic learning technology

    Recommend learning content based on individual preferences and habits of learners; extract from the textbook library to help learners plan the best learning way.

Highlights of
  • 1

    The curriculum is rich in video lessons, speaking lessons, and audio follow-up lessons. Knowledge, context, and interest are integrated with each other, allowing students to conduct immersive learning in multiple ways. The after-class test with a comprehensive score of individual ability value obtained helps students to improve in all aspects.

  • 2

    Based on the "General Chinese in International Workplaces" series of textbooks, set up multiple workplaces and life scene sections, to achieve "learn to go"

  • 3

    Online classrooms allow real-time communication and teaching across regions. Live teaching and real-time answers to questions and answers achieve "saving time and money".

  • 4

    "I'm dubbing for the movie" achieves the ultimate goal of "speaking". Artificial intelligence performs sound source comparison, pronunciation judgment, and immediate error correction.

  • 5

    With social functions, students can immediately communicate,learn, improve and identify with each other. Students can exchange the resources and information on the platform, so they can learn Chinese and interact at the same time.

  • 6

    The voice translation and fun answering functions will be launched in the follow-up, so that students can use them easily.

Introduction of
Study Card
“CHIease”APP study card
We divide “CHIease”APP study card into three modes: annual card, quarter card, and monthly card.
Used to unlock all courses in the APP. Courses are continuously updated
Currently includes:
  • The first volume of "General Chinese in International Workplaces" (synchronized with the textbook)

  • The second volume of "General Chinese in International Workplaces" (synchronized with the textbook)

  • Chinese Speaking Crash Course

  • Basic Chinese I

  • Pinyin

  • Video course

  • Shadowing course

  • Basic Communication

  • Food, Clothing, Housing, and Transportation

  • Traveling

  • Entertainment

  • Shopping

  • Job Hunting and Recruitment

  • Work Policy

  • Business Reception

  • Business Transaction

60+ theme stories and games
100+ work scenes
1000+ practical sentences

The multi-dimensional teaching and training mode allows learners to improve their Chinese communication skills in a short time.

Master more than 5000 common Chinese vocabularies in the workplaces, and more than 300 pieces of Chinese grammar knowledge.

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Types of study cards:
  • Annual card
  • Quarter card
  • Monthly card
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