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Chinese, the "world language" of the new era!

In 2021, Chinese officially became the official language of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

British linguist, David Glad wrote in the journal Science that by 2050, a multilingual situation will be formed in the world. He predicted that “Chinese will become a new language that people have to learn. ".

Hundreds of millions of international professionals have a rigid demand for learning Chinese.

Workplace Chinese
a trillion-level blue ocean market!

5idea Education,
Workplace Chinese
Advocate and leader

Create a new model of "4+2+1" Chinese language learning and lead the new trend of Chinese language training

4 core systems of textbooks, courses, examinations and teachers with independent intellectual property rights


2 major learning tools: Online learning platform + offline smart classroom


1 ecosystem of Chinese language professionals

Start your Workplace Chinese learning, and brighter your future!

5idea Education has a comprehensive competitive advantage!
4 major systems to build an authority matrix for efficient learning
1Unique "6+N" International Workplace Chinese Teaching Material System
  • The first set of international systematic Chinese learning textbooks designed for international professionals

  • Led by editor-in-chief, Professor Jia Yimin, the former president of Huaqiao University, Professor Lu Jianming and Professor Li Xiaoqi of Peking University, Professor Cui Xiliang and Professor Zhang Bo of Beijing Language and Culture University, and Professor Wu Weiping of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • We select more than 1,000 practical and typical sentences in 120 common work scenarios under 60 themes in the international workplace, covering all aspects in international workplace

2Pioneering integration of online and offline (OMO) curriculum system
  • Developed with "General Chinese in the International Workplace" as the core IP

  • Highlight the respective characteristics of online self-study, online teaching, and offline teaching

  • Develop online and offline course products suitable for different learning modes, including video lessons, audio shadowing lessons, etc.

  • Through online self-study and offline enhancement. We successfully reduced the offline courses from 80 class hours to 20 class hours.

  • We solve the pain points that the professionals can not afford the long-term and overall time costs.

Truly "learn to go, saving time
and money"!
3Multi-dimensional and all-round testing examination system
  • The authoritative expert of international Chinese language assessment, Professor Wu Weiping of the University of Hong Kong and his team developed a test from level 1 to level 6 for Workplace Chinese

  • Workplace Chinese proficiency certification adds to personal strength

  • More conducive to the development of Chinese-funded enterprises

  • Easier to get recognition from partners

  • Get more opportunities to receive visitors to China

4Faculty certified by the standard system
  • The course notes are synchronized with the teaching materials to realize the standardization of training notes

  • Teacher training and certification system to create a professional team of teachers

  • A large number of certified workplace Chinese teachers provide a strong guarantee for high-quality workplace Chinese training。

Get rid of traditional teaching constraints and deeply stimulate the potential of personalized learning
1Online "CHIease" APP:
A Chinese learning tool for easy learning in flexible time
  • Independent research and development of an online learning platform integrating scene, immersion and fun

  • Multi-dimensional and multi-method immersive learning and testing, personal ability scores are clear

  • Online classroom realizes real-time dialogue and communication teaching with teachers, and answers questions in real time. Students learn and understand efficiently!

  • "I'm dubbing for the movie" really achieves the ultimate goal of "speaking". Artificial intelligence sound source comparison, real-time correction of errors

  • With social functions, resources and information can be exchanged, learning Chinese, communication and interaction are two birds with one stone

  • Voice translation and fun answering questions make it easy and fun for students to learn

  • Study card can unlock all functions of subsequent development, no need to pay multiple times

40 Consul-generals in Guangzhou and heads of business associations from many countries tried it out and highly recognized it.
2"Smart Classroom System" for offline teaching:
a two-way cross-regional Chinese teaching solution
  • Digitalization of teaching content

  • Diversified communication and interaction

  • Intelligent resource push

Innovative "Ecosphere of Chinese Professional Talents"
We build a Chinese-language workplace talent ecosystem through value-added services such as career connecting, scientific and technological economic and trade cooperation, entrepreneurial incubation, and sharing and exchanges.
  • career connecting

  • Industrial study tour for the purpose of scientific and technological economic and trade cooperation

  • Two-way transformation of technological achievements and products

  • Chinese-language professional talent incubator

  • Communication in the community

Open up the incubation chain of Chinese talents in the workplace, and strive to build a sharing platform for the entire industry chain of Chinese professionals.

Brand Advantage

  • We have founded and hosted the global "International Workplace Chinese Teaching and Communication" forum for two consecutive years. Thousands of people in the Chinese language teaching industry around the world participated, and 15 experts including Lu Jianming gave speeches;

  • For two consecutive years, we have held the "Forum on Chinese Language Professional Training and Entrepreneurship Incubation in Countries Along the Maritime Silk Road "The Belt and Road", and the launch ceremony of the International Workplace Chinese Training Cooperation Project with 17 foreign business associations of countries along the "Belt and Road";

  • Since 2019, a number of offline demonstration classes and experience classes have been held successively. More than 1,000 people from 32 countries around the world participated in the experience classes of the Guangzhou offline training center, achieving basic communication in workplace Chinese in 6 months. We have received extensive coverage from mainstream media such as People's Daily and Xinhuanet;

  • In the first quarter of 2021, more than 150,000 online experiential student tests have been completed, and the students are distributed in more than 30 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”;

  • We were invited to participate in the Boao Forum for Asia and conduct project promotion, which was fully recognized by the guests.

  • We were invited to participate in the 17th CISMEF. 5idea Workplace Chinese was fully recognized and affirmed by participating companies and guests.

  • We were invited to participate in the 2021 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo, and our unique "4+2+1" Chinese training model, with its "efficient, convenient and practical" workplace Chinese training features, attracted the interest of the exhibitors and foreign visitors.

  • In 2021, 5idea Education participated in the 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) as a "Canton Fair Complex Partner". Canton Fair purchased study cards from 5idea Education, which were gifted to foreign visitors for learning Chinese so that they can learn Workplace Chinese online.

  • In 2021, 5idea Education will hold a Workplace Chinese course for consulate officials in Guangzhou, and 32 consulates in Guangzhou will participate in the three-month online workplace Chinese course of 5idea Education.

Product Introduction

High income with low investment, start from "CHIease" study card!
"CHIease" study card
Unlock all the courses in the APP.
The courses are being updated continuously.
Available Courses:
  • General Chinese in International Workplaces

    Volume 1
    * synchronized with the textbook
  • General Chinese in International Workplaces

    Volume 2
    * synchronized with the textbook
  • 21-Day
    Spoken Chinese

  • Basic Chinese Ⅰ

  • Pinyin Course

  • Video Courses

  • Phonics
    Follow-Up Class

  • Basic Communication

  • Clothing, Food, Housing and Transportation

  • Travel

  • Entertainment

  • Shopping

  • Job Search Recruitment Entry

  • Work System

  • Business reception

  • Services

Profit analysis

Examples of “CHIease” APP Study Card Agent
  • For example:

  • Assuming that the agent has African government and enterprise resources. Aiming at a country in Africa with a population of about 10 million, the regional agent model is used to conduct business, and the actual sales of 1% of the total population are completed, that is, the actual learning of workplace Chinese is 100,000 persons. Take the basic level of the learning card annual card as an example. The purchase price of the annual card is 200 RMB/piece, and the value of the card is 980 RMB/piece. The agent sales income of the study card is 78 million yuan. If 20% of these 100,000 people are repeat purchases will exceed 90 million yuan. If you sell other products additionally, the revenue will be higher.

  • The minimum initial investment is only 27,600 RMB (138 annual cards), which can have very high returns. After the first period of sales is collected, the income can be used to achieve rolling operation with the first period of 107,000 RMB-------zero investment in operations.

  • High rebate incentive and marketing incentive policy: reward for achieving more than 50% of the monthly sales target, up to 40% of the base price of the annual card sales.

  • Therefore, if you have the corresponding resources and become an agent, you will get a high-quality project with "low investment and tens of millions of income". By analogy with the above example, if the sales of 500,000 cards in the target market are completed, the revenue will reach 390 million RMB; 1 million cards, the revenue will reach 780 million RMB; 10 million cards, the revenue will exceed 7.8 billion RMB.

Cooperation Mode

The exclusive authorized agency/individual of 5idea Education has the offline sales right of VIP learning card, and the authorization authority for the next level of cooperation or franchise channels its agency region.
Regional agency:
Asia (except India), Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other countries/regions
  • Agency requirements (one of the necessary):

    a. Have abundant resources in the agent country, familiar with the local government and friendly relations;
    b. Have abundant resources of Chinese-funded enterprises in the agent country, familiar with local Chinese business circles and friendly relations;
    c. Have more than 3 years engaged in career connecting, language training, vocational skills training and other related businesses in the agent country.
  • Regional agents are mainly for enterprises and institutions.

Agency policy:
  • Regional agents need to complete the sales task of 0.5%-1.5% of the population of the agent country (1.5% for Asian countries, 1% for Russian-speaking countries and African countries, South American countries 0.5%; the specific ratio depends on the local economic situation and the close degree of economic and trade relations with China and other factors). Based on the size of the target country and the agent's resources and capabilities in this country, 5idea Education will consider the actual scope of the agency and specific mission goals.

Priority of Value-added Service:
  • 5idea Education values and cherish the opportunities for cooperation with each partner. If the agent is able to achieve the sales target well, he will be given priority to obtain the offline training authorization and value-added service priority of the agent area.In addition, if regional agent A introduce agent B with a wealth of government resources or education resources in other countries or regions to become our new agent, 5% of the actual sales floor price of the new regional agent B will account to the regional agent A.

Value-added Services of 5idea Education:
  • Career Connecting

  • Industry Study Tour

  • High-tech and two-way transfer of products

  • Entrepreneurship incubation

  • Communication and sharing

  • More services in the future

High Rebate for Regional Agents

Regional agents are offered a monthly average sales amount and quarterly rebate policy, and are involved in a 5% step-squared percentage sales rebate on the base price of each card sold according to the completion of quarterly sales tasks. Up to 20% rebate based on the sales base price of each card.
Example: Annual study card with sales floor price of 200, of which 5% (10 RMB) as the sales rebate base, according to the percentage of sales completion rate for the step square proportion rebate, the specific calculation is as follows:
*Regional agent rebate reference table
(2000 monthly average card sales)
Example: The annual study card sales floor price is 200, of which 5% (RMB 10) as the sales rebate base, the specific calculation is as follows:
If the monthly target is 2000 cards, the actual sales volume completed in the first quarter for three months are: 1000, 2000, 4000. Then the quarterly rebate formula: the average sales volume of three months in the quarter (1000 + 2000 + 4000) / 3 = 2333, according to the table below, the average monthly sales volume corresponding to the squared rebate ratio: 1.21, the rebate amount is: 3 months of total sales 12.1 * 7000 = 84700 RMB

Regional Agent Marketing Fee Incentive

1, To support regional agents to expand the local market, the company arranged a certain amount of funds to reward regional agents for local market promotion.
2, Marketing fees are funded on a quarterly basis, according to the completion of the quarterly sales task, up to 20% of the marketing costs of each card sales base price incentives.
Example: the monthly task of 2000 study cards, according to the completion rate of marketing costs incentives, the specific reference to the following table:
Example: The base price of the annual study card sales is 200, of which 5% (RMB 10) is used as the marketing fee incentive base, the specific calculation is as follows:
If the monthly target is 2000, the actual sales volume completed in the first quarter for 3 months are: 2000, 1500, 1900. Then the quarterly marketing fee reward formula: the average sales volume of three months in the quarter (2000 + 1500 + 1900) / 3 = 1800, refer to the table below, the monthly average sales volume corresponding to the reward squared ratio: 1, then the amount of marketing fee reward: 10 * 5400 (3 months of total sales) = 54000 RMB. If the actual sales volume of the 3 months in the 2nd quarter are: 4000, 4000, 5000. Then the quarterly marketing fee reward formula: (4000 + 4000 + 5000) / 3 = 4333 (the average sales volume of the three months). Refer to the following table, the monthly average sales volume corresponding to the proportion of the reward square is: 4. Then the amount of marketing fee reward: 40 * 13000 (3 months of total sales) = 520000 RMB.

plan support

  • Product support:

    including existing products and subsequent products

  • Technique support:

    including technology development, data sharing, business management system permissions, and relevant support

  • Business training support:

    including product introduction, APP learning guide, VIP learning card operating guide, sales script, after-sale service, etc.

  • Professional advisor support:

    including drafting contract templates, text planning, poster designing, promotion schemes, sales strategies, etc.

  • Rebate policy support:

    including unscheduled promotion policies and annual rebate policies

  • Offline support:

    Offline experience site visit and learning support

  • Dissemination plan support:

    cooperate with agents in marketing activities, advertising in “CHIease” APP, our official website, and our official account.

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